How To Play


Team have 60-seconds to “Pass the Mic!” while freestyling a rhyme verse. Players score points by guessing the rhyme words listed on the back of playing card. Highest score of 4 rounds wins!


👉🏽   Pick a team to start and a player to go first. Give the mic to that player.

👉🏽   Starting team chooses a rhyme level and selects a 60-second music instrumental from the Rhyme Antics app.

👉🏽   “Scorekeeper” will start the round by pressing the app “Go” button or by beginning the sand timer.

👉🏽   Each player must quickly freestyle 1 verse then “Pass the Mic!” to the next teammate.

👉🏽   If a player can not quickly think of a rhyme verse, they may skip a turn, but only if a teammate shouts “Pass the Mic!”


👉🏽   The playing card rhyme word will not earn points

👉🏽   Your verse must be a complete thought or sentence

👉🏽   Only the last word of your freestyle verse earns points

👉🏽   A phrase will not earn points

👉🏽   Forced Rhyme words will not earn points

👉🏽   Adding a suffix to a rhyme word will not earn points

👉🏽   Names of people will not earn points


Rhyme Antics is designed to encourage players to challenge their vocabulary skills. Team may switch difficulty levels in each round in effort to win the game. Teams play 4 rounds each and the highest score of those rounds wins the game! The point system is located on the scoreboard.

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